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New model XF-60 for children!

Discover this magnificent mini-motocross bike for children who want to discover the dirtbike. The XF 60cc four-stroke is an ideal first bike to build confidence


Easy to start, easy to use and fun to drive. Recognized around the world as the quintessential mini-bike, the XF60 pitbike is the best choice for young beginners. Its inverted fork, 60cc engine, automatic gearbox and electric starter as well as lowered saddle make the XF60 particularly easy to ride. Solid and robust, with a look worthy of a big motorcycle and its new graphic elements inspired by the world of racing, this TCB BIKE will give sensations to the youngest riders in the family.

Young pilots need to feel confident from the start. That's why we designed the XF60 especially for them. It's easy to start: just press the button. It is easy to drive with a strong and reliable 420 chain. It's also easy to stop with powerful front and rear disc brakes.

XF60 is also equipped with a reliable air-cooled engine, powered by a maintenance-free Condenser Discharge Ignition (CDI) system. The graphics of the XF60 dirtbike are directly inspired by designated children's bands.  We couldn't ask for a better place to start.

dirtbike-50cc-tcb dezoom.png
moto dezoom 60.png


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